Run away from Cancer

Within the scope of the social responsibility project “Running Away From Cancer!”, realized with the contributions of GE Health Turkey, Liv Hospital set out with the initial aim of performing health checks on 1500 people. Those who come to Liv Hospital within the scope of the project can undergo health check-ups for breast, lung, colon and cervical cancers with the latest methods. Marches were performed, first of which took place in Bebek Park, within the scope of the project, which aims to draw attention to the importance of early diagnosis once again by raising awareness against cancer. The second march was held in Haliç Park with the participation of Beyoğlu Mayor, Ahmet Misbah Demircan, and Beyoğlu Municipality employees, NGOs, Mavi Haliç, Lions Club and IWSA Association and Leo Clubs, Liv Hospital physicians and staff, and GE Turkey leaders and employees.

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