A Heartfelt Gift from Me to You

With the support of the Ministry of Family and Social Policies, a new social responsibility project has been implemented for our women, who are the architects of future generations, and for our children. Within the scope of the social responsibility project, "WE ARE MOTHERS, WE ARE CHILDREN, WE ARE HEALTHY", health checks were applied to women and children for 3 months. Within the scope of the project, women took the opportunity to benefit from early diagnosis of breast cancer with mammography, and early diagnosis of cervical cancer with pap smear test. Mothers, who participated in the project with their children aged 0-6, were undergone either mammography, or smear test, while their children were undergone examinations and tests that revealed their physical and mental development. The face of the project was Wesley Sneijder, the beloved football player of the Galatasaray Football Team at that time.


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